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Master-Planned Communities

Looking for a new home community that has not only great new homes but also spectacular community amenities? Check out one of our master-planned communities. Offering outdoor amenities from community pools, parks or maybe even a golf course to indoor amenities such as restaurants, athletic centers and country clubs, master-planned communities are built with convenient living in mind. Some of our master-planned communities even contain their own shopping facilities and schools.

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Modern Living

Hello Future! Shea SPACES™ is bringing back the excitement of buying a home. We've designed these homes by paying attention to real needs, with you - today's new, intelligent buyer - in mind. These homes have been completely rethought from the ground up. They're modern, with flexible interior spaces to fit your lifestyle. Their style is cool while offering energy efficiency and affordability.

SPACES are a new kind of Shea home for a new kind of living. With Solatube skylights illuminating kitchens and master baths naturally; tankless water heaters for maximum efficiency and energy conservation; and even electric vehicle charging stations that offer both environmental and economic benefits, SPACES homes are showcases of the latest innovations.

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Shea Homes Active Lifestyle Communities®

We've created a division within Shea Homes to develop resort communities geared to the Baby Boom generation. Baby Boomers helped change their world, and we knew they'd demand a new breed of community as they become empty nesters and retirees. Our Active Lifestyle Communities offer an outstanding lifestyle geared around exploration, freedom, wellness and connection.

With locations around the country in Florida, Arizona, Virginia, Nevada, California and Washington, people looking to live in a master planned community that comes with 4-star resort amenities will have plenty of options to choose from. We launched the Trilogy brand of Active Lifestyle Communities in 1999 and have since added several Shea Homes Active Lifestyle Communities to our growing portfolio. Even during this difficult market, these communities have gained market share, showing that demand for this new breed of resort community is just what Baby Boomers are looking for.

Why do people love living in Shea Homes Active Lifestyle & Trilogy communities so much? There are thousands of reasons, from the stunning Clubs and enriching amenities, to the SheaXero™ homes, to the vibrant people who live in each one of our locations. We invite you to explore all there is to life in an Active Lifestyle Community and see why we're different inside and out.

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Interested in Shea but not ready for home ownership just yet? Check out one of our Shea Apartment Communities. Offering a wide range of award winning California and Colorado apartments for rent, Shea Apartments makes finding an apartment that fits your lifestyle - and budget - a breeze. Shea Apartments are constructed with a passion for workmanship and design - like hearty wood flooring to redesigned kitchens and bathrooms plus all important name-brand appliances, you'll live comfortably and efficiently in a Shea Apartment.

If your ultimate goal is to own a new Shea home, we can help with our rent to own program! Become part of the Shea Homeownership Credit Program and when it's time to buy your own new Shea home, we'll apply $100 per month - up to $3,600 total - toward the purchase of a new Shea home. For more information, check out our Shea Home Ownership Program.

Visit the Shea Apartments web site to see our California apartment communities or Colorado apartments and view apartment floor plans, photos and 360-degree model tours. You can also reserve an apartment rental online now. One visit to a Shea Apartments Community and you'll see why we were recognized as one of the top 5 apartment portfolios in the nation for customer satisfaction based upon resident surveys by Satisfacts Research, LLC.

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    The Shea family has been in the construction business for over 130 years. Check out the historic projects that the J.F. Shea companies have been a part of on our interactive timeline.

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