Shea Homes Revolutionizes Home Building, Design and Buyer Experience with Launch of New Product - Shea3D?

Jul 18, 2013

Allows buyers to choose from interchangeable, lifestyle-driven living spaces

(WALNUT,Calif.)  Shea Homes is challenging industry standards with the launch of its newest approach to home design and home building – Shea3D™. This all-new, patent-pending way of building homes provides home buyers with a decision that they’ve never had before – the opportunity to choose from a variety of interchangeable lifestyle-driven spaces.

Shea3D allows customers to choose from three unique main living spaces – Entertainment-centric, Kitchen-centric, and Outdoor-centric – empowering the customer to select the one that best fits their lifestyle. Whether the buyer is looking for a home that offers an expansive, continuous living area for entertaining; comes equipped with a supremely functional kitchen for the gourmet chef; or promotes a complete indoor-outdoor living experience, Shea3D offers homes tailored to the specific needs of individuals and families alike.

“Never before has the customer been given the opportunity to actually choose the primary living space where they spend the majority of their waking hours,” said Bert Selva, Shea Homes President and CEO. “The Shea3D concept was inspired by consumers’ passions, lifestyles and how they actually live. We are excited to be at the forefront of this innovative new housing design.”

Here’s how it works: while touring Shea3D models, home buyers will be presented with a range of choices available, with each model home demonstrating a distinctly different Shea3D space. Any of those spaces – Entertainment-centric, Kitchen-centric, or Outdoor-centric – can be integrated into any of the Shea3D floor plans offered at that community. Shea3D homes are called “YourPlans™” instead of simply “floor plans” because each home will complement the way our home buyers live.

“Shea3D effectively expands the variety of home designs a buyer can choose. If there are 9 “YourPlans” available in a community, combined with the 3 different lifestyle spaces, there are actually 27 different home choices in total,” said Selva.

Shea Homes recently held Shea3D preview events for current Shea home owners to provide feedback on the new home designs and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

“This is a great idea – it allows each family to choose what’s important to them,” said Mary Schutz.

Brittany Drubin said, “Shea3D offers versatility. If you love one home, but the kitchen of another – you can have it!”

Shea3D homes are currently available at Trilogy at Tehaleh in Bonney Lake, Washington and will be available at Marbella Vineyards in Gilbert, Arizona when it grand opens July 27, 2013. Shea3D will also be available in the Palm Springs, California area later this fall and next year in Denver, Colorado and San Diego, California.

For more information about Shea Homes and the new Shea3D revolutionary product, visit

About Shea Homes

Shea Homes is one of the largest private homebuilders in the nation. Since its founding in 1968, Shea Homes has built more than 90,000 homes. Over the past several years, Shea Homes has been recognized as a leader in customer satisfaction with a
reputation for design, quality and customer service. Shea Homes builds new homes in California, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Washington, North Carolina, Florida and recently announced plans to expand into Texas later this year. For more information about Shea Homes and its communities, please visit the company’s websites at 江西多乐彩开奖直播 and

Contact: Meridith Doucette, [email protected], 480-367-3702








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