J.F. Shea Family of Companies

Built on a solid foundation, J.F. Shea Co., Inc. has inherited the family commitment to hard work and pride in a job well done. Today, the company upholds the ethics and principles established by John Shea more than a century ago.

shea family of companies
  • Shea Homes

    An award-winning builder of residential communities in the United States, Shea Homes builds much more than houses. We create homes, neighborhoods, and communities. From condominiums to townhomes to luxury estates, Shea Homes offers imaginatively designed, superbly crafted new homes for every budget, every lifestyle, every dream.

  • Trilogy Active Lifestyle Communities

    Trilogy and Shea Homes provide beautifully designed communities for all those who want to experience life to the fullest. Our Trilogy communities represent a new vision for living, a vision that will enrich the lives of all those who make Trilogy their home. Each Trilogy community offers exceptional opportunities for personal growth, learning and activity. Here, you'll find new friends and new ways to expand your interests and explore your abilities.

    Every Trilogy community is set amid some of America's most beautiful natural areas. That makes it easy to enjoy an active and exciting life, where each day is an adventure and a new beginning waiting to unfold.

  • Shea Mortgage

    Shea Mortgage provides one-stop shopping for your home financing needs. Check out our interest rates, loan programs, economic updates, frequently asked questions, online application and more! Our interactive site makes financing your home understandable!

  • Shea Properties

    Shea Properties, headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, is a multifaceted organization responsible for the acquisition, design, development, construction and management of business parks, shopping centers, apartment communities and mixed-use environments. Since beginning operations in 1969, annual revenues have grown steadily to more than $200 million, while the overall value of the portfolio has grown from $150 million to more than $2 billion. Shea Properties currently owns and operates approximately 6,300 apartment units and 6 million square feet of office, industrial and retail space in California, Colorado and Arizona. The development pipeline holds an additional 2,200 apartment units and 2.5 million square feet of commercial space. In concert with sister company, Shea Homes, the nation's largest private home builder, Shea Properties offers a range of capabilities matched by few other developers in the industry.

  • Shea Apartments

    The Apartment Acquisition and Development Department at Shea Properties actively pursues opportunities to acquire and develop Class A, multi-family communities. Its experienced team has developed award-winning apartment communities throughout California and Colorado - from garden-style walk-up neighborhoods to high-density wrap products to mixed-use developments. The team is well-versed in the entire process of taking raw land through the entitlement process and on to stabilization. Currently, Shea Properties owns and operates approximately 6,300 apartment units.

  • Venture Capital

    Since 1968, the Venture Capital Division has helped make the technology revolution a reality. Our investments in private start-up companies have grown into such industry leaders as Compaq Computer Corporation and Altera Corp, Brocade Corp and Exodus Corp, Inc. Today, our investments span the nation, from Silicon Valley in Northern California to the eastern United States.

  • J.F. Shea Construction, Inc.

    Shea has participated in three of the top 10 construction and engineering achievements of the 20th century—the Hoover Dam, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Interstate Highway System. Between the Tunneling, Water Treatment & Storage, and Bridge & Highway Infrastructure divisions, we explore possibilities, envision designs and build solutions. J.F. Shea Construction takes great pride in working on complex projects completed on time, on budget, and without claims—and has done so for decades.

  • Redding

    Born in 1957 with the Shea Sand and Gravel Plant, the Redding Division supplies aggregate materials to contractors and government agencies and performs highway and bridge construction and repair work in Northern California. Home to gravel, asphalt and concrete plants as well as quarries, we produce construction materials and contract for construction projects in Northern California.

  • Reed Manufacturing

    Constructing solid foundations Recognized worldwide for their superior quality and performance, REED Manufacturing's concrete guns and pumps are a preferred choice for civil, residential and commercial construction projects. We produce and sell a complete line of technologically advanced concrete-placing equipment. REED Manufacturing is "Down-to-earth and easy to do business with."

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  • Did You Know?

    We offer a fantastic credit enhancement and repair service through Shea Mortgage called Customer Plus+™. We have helped hundreds of people realize the dream of home ownership who thought they would never qualify due to recent foreclosures, recent short sales, or less than perfect credit that had put their payment beyond their reach.

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